Monday, April 6, 2009

Broken Car

So this morning I got up and got ready to go to my doctors appointment to have my biopsy done and wouldn't you know there is no swelling in my lymph node. So I decide to keep the doctors appointment and see what she says. The doctor was great and did a thorough exam and said everything looked great and that there wasn't much she could do if it isn't swollen. I'm happy that I didn't have to have any invasive procedures done this morning but darn if I don't feel like a broken car that you take to the mechanic only to find out that they can't "recreate" the problem so you just have to wait until you completely break down.

In other news we got Ella's ears pierced this weekend! (pics to come soon) She was great, the first ear didn't even faze her and the second one they did I think that the snap noise upset her and she cried for a whopping 30 seconds. She is starting to look grownup now which my hubby isn't too excited about, but she just looks so darn cute with those little diamond studs in. Now hopefully people won't ask me if I have two boys so often!!

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  1. i'm so glad that lymph node seems to be all good! here's hoping it was a "bug" that your body just needed to fight off. can't wait to see pics of little ella.