Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Babies Are Growing Up

I'm sitting here trying to remember how we went from this freshly painted nursery and just bringing them home to two two years olds with minds of their own and independence like you wouldn't believe. Today I removed their dresser to start the process of repainting their room to get it ready for their big kid furniture. Sitting there on the floor looking around at the bare walls and the two cribs it hit me, this is the end of them being babies. Soon they WILL be big kids, those beds will be here before I know it and it will be my responsibility to get them to sleep in them...since they will be coming when hubby is on annual training. There are no more planned babies for us in the future and it makes me a little sad, ok a lot sad, thinking about letting go of this phase of their lives. I know it is a process that everyone goes through, unless you are The Duggar Family, but for now I think I am just going to savor every little bit of baby I have left of them! :)

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