Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Misery loves company

So apparently my kiddos, the ones that normally hate to share, thought it would be good to pick up a nasty virus and bring it into the house to spread around. Poor Logan got a double whammy, not only did he pick up this wonderful upper respiratory virus but he also had a double ear infection. Yep, he hit the jackpot!

So we have been laying low around the house since Friday and I think cabin fever has officially started. How is it that kids can be terribly sick and still have the energy to run around the house and bounce off the walls? (And by bouncing off the walls I mean bouncing off the walls, they have been playing a lot these last few days with their hop balls. HA!) All the while, mommy and daddy feel like they are on their death beds just trying to keep up. Uggh, weekend please come with some relief.


  1. I am so sorry the kiddos are sick...and you are having to deal with it. I do know how that is! It would be so much easier if they would react to sickness like we do: lay in bed and sleep the day away! Well, the way we did before we had kids anyway ;) Hang in there!!

  2. {My first time here :)}
    I'm so sorry your little ones are sick. There is nothing worse.
    They sure are preciously adorable.
    Love all the snow pics!!!