Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dear Old Man Winter,

Please leave Virginia alone for a while. My poor hubby was in his parking lot at work this morning when he hit a huge patch of ice, as did the co-worker behind him. Thankfully no one was hurt! Apparently you thought all the work we did this weekend clearing out the mess you left us wasn't enough. Maybe you could also send out a note to businesses on how to properly clean their parking lots when they expect their employees to arrive on time in icy conditions.

Twinsanity Family

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  1. Come to Southern Ca...its been 75 degrees for 2 weeks now! I am actually wishing for snow...ha. I am back! We moved and its been sooo much work. I don't recommend it ;) Adding twins to the mix is especially fun.....ughh
    Now I really am the crankytwinmom.