Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happiness Tuesday

This idea came from Ginger at The Small Moments. She actually spent the whole month of September making posts about the things that made her happy that day. This challenge forced her to find something to be happy about everyday even when the day had been less than desirable. To keep it going she has decided to post a happiness post every Tuesday and I have decided to join in. :)

So since today was one of those less than desirable days; lots of temper tantrums, lots of grouchiness and lots of just not getting along I think this a perfect day to do it. So here are the things that I found happiness in today:

* This conversation:
Ella "I love you Mommy"
Me "I love you too, Ella"
Ella "I love you Logan"
Logan "I love you too, Ella" - Just melts my heart :)

* Fresh, crisp, white sheets on my bed are screaming my name along with a glass of wine (thanks Sally!).


  1. Yea! for happy things! I forgot until this morning so I was a little late in posting. Then I went to my bloglines and swa you posted and clicked over here to find you had posted your happy things! Have a happy Wednesday!

  2. You have so many things to be happy about! You are one blessed lady. And, I am glad you blogged--I miss hearing all of the exciting things in your life :)