Sunday, May 17, 2009


My current drama can best be summarized with e=mc²

E as in E-I-E-I-OHHHHHH my gosh that hurt
M as in matchbox helicopter, the thing that I stepped on that gave me a wonderful puncture wound
as in Cha-Ching!! the noise I will hear when I open the bill from my doctors office for a visit and a tetanus shot (at least I am safe for another ten years if some other toy cars want to do battle)


  1. Oh not so much fun. I think I can wait to get to that stage, right now all I run into are bouncers. Have a great weekend!

  2. I wanted to say thanks for following my blog. I think your blog is awesome. We also have twins..boy and a girl...they will be 22 in July. I remember those crazy but wonderful years!!

  3. dude. that's happened to me before. minus the cha-ching. because i just went into the toy medical bag. and put that plastic bandaid on me.

    sure, i passed out and woke up 5 days later with a pineapple for a foot, but still.